Puppies, puppies, puppies!

Bernese Dog Kiss

We may be prejudiced, but we think Berner pups are the most adorable puppies ever. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, as adults they are extraordinarily beautiful.

Raising a litter is no small undertaking. It takes space, both indoors and out. Money. Lots of money for high-quality food, veterinary care, tests for health clearances, stud fees, housing and promotion. Money for the unexpected, like cesarian sections. But most of all, it takes time.

Bernese Dogs in a Pen

Time to take care of the mom. Time to keep the babies clean, warm and well-fed. Time to socialize them and acclimate them to stressful situations in a non-stressful way. And time to correspond with and interview the folks, who like you, are hoping to add a baby berner to their family.

And did I mention LOVE? It takes that, too. Only Berners being what they are, it’s about impossible not to love them.

Bernese WalkingOur puppy room has enough space for a six-foot square whelping box, a comfortable chair and other necessary stuff. We raise our puppies on carpet and beach towels so that at a week old they are walking with their little bellies off the floor. Not possible with newspapers.

When the puppies start to eat solid food at about 3-4 weeks, they get really messy and their mom stops cleaning up after them. Weather permitting, time to move outside. In the garage kennel, they have an 8’ x 12’ inside run floored with wood shavings and a 7’ x 25’ outdoor run. Except for the actual shavings sticking to their fur, they stay very clean.

Here’s a trick we learned at the goat farm (puppies eat their puppy food soaked in goat’s milk). Vinyl rain gutters make perfect troughs. The puppies stay clean and everyone gets a fair share.

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