January 12, 2018

Alice's puppies were born (extracted, actually), this morning.
Three boys and two girls.

Alice and babies doing well.

It's nearly 2018.
We anxiously await Alice's first litter.
Due January 14th, it is sired by Bing (Adesa's Best in Snow). There is distant line breeding to one of my favorites: Butterfree.
I can hardly wait!
In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of Alice.

Ch Barberry Alice in Jaberwockland CGC RN

Since his registered name is
Barberry The Tuff Get Going To Jaberwock,
he did.
(go to Jaberwock)
Now Jane Hill's dog and starting his
show career.
Miss you, Tuffy.

Two and a half months.
What a handsome fellow!

Moving right along.

Be still, my heart.

Six and a half weeks old, now.
We go outside. Angel wants to help with this photo shoot.

From early on, his tail
has never stopped wagging.

One of our favorite pictures.

One thing he's not, is dainty.

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