Dogs & Pedigrees

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The Early Days

It all began when our kids were little - about 30 some years ago - and a friend in another breed offered us a Bernese Mountain Dog who was otherwise to be put to sleep. Linda had been purchased from a leading kennel of the day as show/breeding stock. Unfortunately she developed a luxated patella (slipped stifle). The breeder agreed to replace her and she was to be euthanized. Neither my friend nor I could see this happy, wonderful dog being euthanized just because she wasn't breeding stock. I took her and had her spayed.

I was told that her hips xrayed good and she was sound-appearing when we got her at age two. By age four, she was painfully lame and another xray showed serious dysplasia. We could do three joint replacements (both hips and the stifle (knee)). Well, we could not, and our wonderful Linda was put to sleep.


On that same day, at the vet's, we were told of an older berner that needed a home. Her owner was moving to a place that didn't allow dogs, and Wanda was sent to live with a married daughter and her family in our town. There was some decension in the family - four dogs were too many - and poor seven year old Wanda had to go.

Colleen and I went to get her and brought her home. She was quite unkempt. About the time I got her brushed out, the family called. The mother had been told and was horribly upset. The family had to take her back. So Colleen and I lost two berners in one day.

That was March. In September of that year, Dick and I returned from a horse show trip to find Wanda in our office. The family had broken up and this time the dog HAD to go. My baby-sitter went and got her. Wanda and Colleen were inseparable with Wanda's day beginning when Colleen got off the school bus.

We corresponded and sent pictures to Wanda's original owner and a friendship developed.

We lost Wanda far too soon to cancer and vowed no more berners - they break your heart. And so it was until 1995.

Wanda and cats. I've always had a thing for tri-colored animals.


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